Q. What kind of infectious disease measures are taken at Guest House KOKOTAMAYA?

Guest House KOKOTAMAYA welcomes guests by taking measures such as cleaning alcohol and wearing masks thoroughly.
Click here for infectious disease control

Q. Is it possible to have a long stay?

Yes! Guest House KOKOTAMAYA also supports not only short-term guests but also long-term guests individually. If you have any questions about long-term stay, please feel free to contact us.

Q. Please tell me about cancellation of reservation.

In case of cancellation, a cancellation fee will be charged.
Free until the day before
50% from the day before
100% on the day

Q. Are there any convenience store or supermarkets nearby?

Yes. The nearby FamilyMart(convenience store) is a 5-minute walk and Daiei (supermarket) is a 7-minute walk.
You can buy sweets, drinks and light meals in the common room.

Q.Is there a parking lot?

No, please use the nearby coin parking.

Q. What payment method can I use?

You can pay by cash or credit card. Please pay the fee at check-in.

Q. Why do students run a guesthouse?

Well, we all have different thoughts and feelings.

One just simply loves the guesthouse. One loves to build connections with the local community. One loves to interact with the guests. One was lured into by a mutual friend.

Each one of us has unique values and perspectives and more so than not, it’s hard to decide on one thing as a team. Yes, it may take a while to settle on a consensus. But, when we do reach a compromise with various different colours, isn’t that great?

Sure, a theme park unified into one world view is great, but a guesthouse with diverse student members?? That’s equally as…no, even more captivating! Ultimately, this is something only we, students, can create and provide.

We write our thoughts on our activities in "note". Please take a look here!

Guest House Kokotamaya
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