BBQ plan -in Hatakenbo-

BBQ plan -in Hatakenbo-

You can enjoy BBQ at the community farm "Kunitachi Hatakenbo", a 10-minute walk from Guest House KOKOTAMAYA.

It's a special place where Mr.Ono, an active farmer, will teach you all about vegetables, most delicious cooking methods, how to bake a pizza, and more!

First, you will pick vegetables by your hands and let's take a photo. You can pick tomatoes and eggplants in the summer and hakusai and turnips in the winter, right there! Not just buy, you did pick vegetables with your own hands, they must look shining!


Let's start BBQ! Enjoy a special time surrounded by beautiful countryside.

Please ask the students staff or the farmer about the best way to grill the food and how the fire should be. We are here to help you have a great time.

You can enjoy pots and pizzas, fireworks, smoked foods, and more, so please contact us.

And enjoy talking with the farmer and students staff.

  • In addition to use as an option for stay, you can also use the BBQ only.
  • You can use by large groups as large as 30 people.
  • Please prepare other food items such as meat by your own.
  • Available equipment:Tongs, grills, griddles, bonfire stand, pots, wood and fire starter, chairs/benches, tables, cooking tools(knives, cutting boards, butts, bowls, colanders, kitchen paper), trash bags, disinfectant, paper plates, paper cups

Please contact us through our official LINE first!

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