Student Attendance Tour

Student Attendance Tour

Discover the unusual, in Tokyo

In May 2020, the old station building with Taisho-roman like atmosphere came back to Kunitachi Station. From the academic city to the countryside... you will enjoy the history and culture of Kunitachi and Yaho.

We will take you back in time to "those days" with bonfires while viewing rice fields since ancient times , staying in Showa-era student apartments, and more.

In the time that flows slowly and not Tokyo-like, how about a trip with students who love the local community to discover the unusual around your feet that you have missed.

We accept custom made orders.

Student Attendance Tour

charge:negotiable / per person
time:[Day1] 4p.m.~ [Day2] 11a.m.
場所:Kunitachi Sta. / Yabo Tenmangu Shrine etc.
belongings:nothing in particular.

Sample Schedule

16:00  Visit to the old Kunitachi Sta. building
16:30  Little known hideaways tour of the Kunitachi(You can stop by anywhere.)
17:30  Pray at Yabo Tenmangu Shrine.
18:00  Dinner
At the community farm "Kunitachi Tachenbo"
・Pick vegetables by your hands&BBQ
・Making mojitos using 5 types of mint from the field
20:00 Check-in
21:00 Enjoy the deep local nightlife!

7:00 Breakfast
11:00 Check-out


Please make reservations for this plan together with your stay.